POI Gaming mechanism will be released soon

New mechanism produces high-quality POI by gaming&rewarding

POI, Point of Information, is displayed on map, such as places of interest, government, companies, malls and restaurants.

POI is the core data of location-based services and is used in a wide range of scenarios in electronic maps, such as choosing a destination…

China’s regulators asked the APP stores to remove ride-hailing app, Didi chuxing on June 3rd. Didi halted new user registrations and the app will be removed for rectification in strict accordance with relevant rules. However, Chinese tech crackdown also hit Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Meituan with Baidu dropping around 4%…

Dear Community,

March is a prosperous month for our project. We’re thrilled to introduce RHEA, a secure, decentralized digital asset bridge allowing users to move assets from Atlas to HECO, of course, also from HECO back to Atlas. The function of Atlas-HECO Cross-Chain Asset Transaction has also been integrated.

Titan App now supports Atlas-HECO Cross-Chain Asset Transaction On MDEX

Hyperion SG

Hyperion launches a blockchain-based open mapping architecture to decentralize mapping. Find out more ,please check our website www.hyn.space

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