Consensus-driven POI application: A Brief Introduction of Blockchain 3.0

Hyperion SG
2 min readJul 12, 2021

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger with tamper-resistance and catches the attention of financial institution and investors. In blockchain 1.0, Bitcoin leads the popularity and in blockchain 2.0, the combination of cryptocurrency and smart contract has great impact on traditional finance.

In blockchain 3.0, the impact is beyond finance but all industries, providing decentralized solutions to them.

Didi chuxing, a ride-hailing app, was cracked down in China for its privacy issues, which raised the attention of the public about their privacy when they enjoyed the convenience that tech giants brought.

Blockchain provides decentralized solutions to LBS apps to ensure data security and defend our privacy. For the coming POI game mechanism released by Hyperion team, it is a breakthrough, compared with traditional Internet service providers.

All data is securely and pseudonymously stored in blockchain. POI participants have all their identity and other information. During the process of POI contribution, only necessary data is required.

Each Hyperion user is capable of creating POI, challenge it and vote for it. High quality of POI will be voted by community consensus to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the game mechanism. Each POI participants and voters have chance to receive airdrop incentives, encouraging them to make more contributions to our map ecosystem.

POI that is submitted by its creator is unique like a NFT and all POI record is on-chain, which includes the geolocation information and photos of this location. The POI is community-driven and only those which are verified can be uploaded in our map database.

High quality of POI will enhance the total valued of our ecosystem. More categories of POI will be available in the future gradually, including restaurants, places of interest, entertainment, and totally get rid of manipulation, defending users’ privacy and providing the best service.

Blockchain brings a new way of thinking, new solutions, new ways of collaboration, and new business models. Building a “Dianping” on the chain on Titan may be just a starting point, and as the exploration continues, I believe more surprises will appear in the future blockchain world.



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