The Combination of POI and NFT, Hyperion is Doing Its Part

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2 min readJun 30, 2021

The year of 2021 witnesses the popularity of NFT and a buoyant NFT market. More and more crypto investors are diving into the market, which opportunities are laying out there.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is something that only exists in the digital world. It is based on a technology called blockchain, which is also used with digital currency systems known as cryptocurrency. NFTs can exist in the form of images, video, music and text. They are usually bought with cryptocurrency.

Inspired by the idea of NFT, Hyperion organically combines the POI contribution with NFT, adding extra value for the unique POIs that our users submit. Users are encouraged to submit POI and create their unique NFT POIs.

In the new model, holders, voters and consensus point are key essence. Users acquire airdrop bonus after creating a POI to encourage data contribution. For those who vote and build consensus for the POI, they are rewarded with bonus in consensus pool.

The model manages to prevent evil-doers from creating invalid POI and getting reward from it. With the idea of “crowd-voted”, the POI with good quality stands out. It could be a nice park or a restaurant with the best service and high quality. POI data with high quality can be NFT-ish and extent our ecosystem.

How to verify a POI? The POI that the user submit will be verified by the community. Anyone has right to challenge the existed POI and start a game between 2 sides. The winner will be rewarded with bonus. The voters should verify the POI according to the proof that both sides provide. After blind-voting and revealing the result, the POI will remain if it receives enough votes, otherwise it will be removed.

Once A submits a POI about a restaurant with specific location, inside photos and the judgement of its service, B can challenge it after the investigation of his own and prove it with evidence, which guarantees the quality of POI that the users submit

Game mechanism is set to prevent invalid POIs and encourage our users to participate in our ecosystem deeply and submit POIs with good quality. With the assistance of our users, we can build a error-corrected map.

In conclusion, we encourage our users to submit POI with high quality with rewards and game theory and eventually combine geolocation with NFT. We aim to build a map ecosystem with more diversity and to dig the hidden value.

The development of blockchain is difficult but also full of surprises. Every new thing and new concept is created to pave the way for a new industry pattern, so let’s all look forward to the rise of POI data contribution.



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