A Walkthrough to Hyperion POI Game Mechanism

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6 min readJul 29, 2021

New mechanism produces high-quality POI by gaming&rewarding

POI, Point of Information, is displayed on map, such as places of interest, government, companies, malls and restaurants.

POI is the core data of location-based services and is used in a wide range of scenarios in electronic maps, such as choosing a destination before navigation, checking the surrounding restaurants, etc. POI is an important part of Hyperion’s encrypted map ecology, and through the unremitting efforts of the technical team, a consensus has finally been reached that the development of a POI gaming mechanism will definitely inject new life into the development of Hyperion’s community.

How to Create a POI?

POI creation is easy&simple, every user of Hyperion community can participate in POI creation. When you log in to the Hyperion POI ecosystem through your wallet authorization, you can create your own POI through the POI add portal, filling in the name, category, geographic location, attributes and other information of the POI to complete.

In order to encourage users to create more quality POIs and continuously maintain and improve them, the holder can set a POI management fee in the range of 0–10% to be rewarded in the subsequent network-wide airdrop. In addition, POI can also choose categories to participate in the evaluation, quality POI on the list of popular display, will get more community traffic, to bring reference value to the users in the Hyperion ecology.

Put it simply, users play the role of reviewers who recommend their favorite restaurants, places of interest and so on, storing them on blockchain as unique ERC721 asset, and displaying on Titan map

How to Participate in Consensus Voting?

The successfully created POI will be displayed on the exploration page of the consensus map, allowing users to initiate challenges and vote for familiar POIs, and provide consensus values. The consensus value is pledged by users to HYN, and 10% of the consensus value will be used as a guarantee for the POI and substituted into Logistic Equation is determined by the Y value, and anyone can participate in CV contribution: as long as the POI is currently in a valid state (not deleted by the holder, not recognized as invalid by the consensus), the POI is not currently challenged.

In participating in the consensus value contribution vote, users can freely get back the mortgaged HYN if the POI is not challenged. The entire mortgage and withdrawal process will not incur any cost loss. Of course, if the POI is challenged, it will be agreed by the community. If the POI is determined to be invalid, the deposit will be penalized.

How to Challenge a POI?

If you find wrong or biased information in a familiar POI on the consensus map, you can initiate a challenge to the POI, provided that your identity is not the holder of the POI and the consensus provider, and the challenge fee is set. Certain restrictions, challenge 10% of the current POI mortgage amount.

For example: if the current total mortgage amount of a POI is 1000HYN, and the consensus maker A and the consensus maker B pledge 400HYN and 600HYN respectively, the total guarantee is 100HYN, A guarantees 40, and B guarantees 60.

After launching the challenge, the challenger will pledge the corresponding deposit in the smart contract. The theme of the challenge is to choose from multiple dimensions such as whether the POI really exists, name, geographic deviation, and the picture does not match the actual scene. After the POI is challenged, there will be a three-day deadline for submitting votes. Use HYN to vote. The voting options are divided into [Agree ] And [Objection], 1HYN means 1 vote. The ballot is secret, that is, the other party does not know whether your vote is [for] or [against];

The time limit for revealing votes is 1 day. Users need to request statistical update results from the smart contract to reveal your votes. If you do not reveal your votes within the specified time, you will be punished by 10%, and the rest can be retrieved. In the result judgment, if [Yes] Total votes> [Against] Total votes, it means that the challenger wins, and the CV of POI will be set to 0 at this time; if [Yes] Total votes <= [Again] Total votes, POI The holder wins.

The Allocation for Gaming Rewards

Both parties in the POI game will distribute rewards according to a certain percentage. The distribution rules are as follows:
If the challenger wins:
1. The challenger’s challenge gold 100hyn unlocks, reward: (guarantee * 80% + losing party vote mortgage * 20%) * 90%, 10% burn;
2. Those who vote [agree] a. Vote for mortgage to unlock b. Reward: (guarantee * 20% + loser’s vote for mortgage * 80%) * 90% * The percentage of votes that vote [yes]. 10% burn.
3. The original POI consensus mortgagor a. Loss guarantee fund is proportional to the loss.

for example :
At present, the total POI mortgage is 1000HYN, the consensus participant A and the consensus participant B respectively mortgage 400HYN and 600HYN, then the total guarantee is 100HYN, A guarantees 40, and B guarantees 60. The challenger pledged to challenge 100HYN, and the challenge theme is that the content of the POI introduction is false.
Voters C, D, and F pledge to vote 10, 20, and 30 HYN [agree] challengers, and voters X, Y, and Z respectively pledge to vote 10, 15, and 20 HYN [against] challengers.

The result is [agree] the team wins i. The challenger unlocks 100 HYN and gets another (100 * 80% + (10+15+20)*20%) * 90% = 80.1 HYN reward. Voter C: unlocks 10 HYN and gets another Reward (100 * 20% + (10+15+20)*80%) * 90 %* 10 / (10+20+30)= 8.4 HYN reward; Voter D: Unlock 20 HYN and get reward (100 * 20 % + (10+15+20)*80%) * 90% * 20 / (10+20+30) = 16.8 HYN reward; Voter F: Unlock 30 HYN and get reward (100 * 20% + (10+ 15+20)*80%) * 90% * 30 / (10+20+30)= 25.2 HYN reward, then voters X, Y, Z lose 10, 15, 20 HYN vi. Consensus A loses 40 HYN, consensus Person B loses 60 HYN.

If the challenger loses (POI wins), the challenger’s challenge fee will be forfeited, and the voter’s reward distribution will be the same as the above algorithm, (challenge fee * 20% + losing party vote mortgage * 80%) * 90%, 10% burn; POI consensus Total reward: (challenge gold * 80% + losing party vote mortgage * 20%) * 90%, 10% burn. 5% of the total consensus reward (subject to the actual setting of poi) is given to the POI holders, and 95% of the total consensus reward (subject to the actual setting of the poi) is given to the POI consensus participants, equally divided according to the mortgage ratio.

The Allocation for Airdrop Rewards

As long as the POI with CV greater than 0 can get airdrop rewards, including those included in the challenge (if the challenger wins, the CV of the POI will be set to 0).

Maximum airdrop volume: 1 HYN every 3 seconds, then 28,800 per day, 864,000 per month, and 10,512,000 per year. The daily airdrop volume is related to the POI quantity index. The larger the index, the more airdrops, and the daily cap is 28,800HYN. There is a fast-fast-slow process between airdrop and quantity index.

Users should note that there is a decay cycle in the airdrop process, which decays once every 30 days. The first month is 0, the next month is 1, and so on.

Investment suggestion: When the POI quantity index is below 6000, the yield of mortgage a new POI is higher (because the number of POIs in the whole network increases, the more airdrops are). When the POI quantity index is above 6000 (the total daily airdrop growth is slow), the POI yield rate with a CV between 5000 and 15000 is higher.

The ecological governance sovereignty of the POI game mechanism will be fully handed over to the community. The creation, evaluation, and challenge of POI will be supported by user consensus. While ensuring the fair and just operation of the mechanism to the greatest extent, it will also open some parameters to the community. Community management, such as: adding rating burning, voting cycle, challenge money ratio, etc. The product is expected to be released in early August, so stay tuned.



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