China Cracks Down on Didi to Enhance Data AQ

Hyperion SG
2 min readJul 7, 2021

China’s regulators asked the APP stores to remove ride-hailing app, Didi chuxing on June 3rd. Didi halted new user registrations and the app will be removed for rectification in strict accordance with relevant rules. However, Chinese tech crackdown also hit Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Meituan with Baidu dropping around 4%, JD shedding roughly 3.5% and Alibaba slipping more than 2%.

The public is raising their attention on Data AQ with the Internet Era coming, but not all Chinese tech giants’ hands are clean. Privacy issues are less important than their business revenue as that’s how those tech giants make money although such business model is a way of privacy violation.

The smart phone not only brings you convenience but also puts your privacy at risk. For example, the service of Didi is based on LBS (Location based service) and for that, they could track you without any notice but fortunately, more people are realizing the fact and it’s time to defend our own privacy.

A new “POI game mechanism” will be released by Hyperion team recently to make POI contributor anonymous and better defend users’ privacy. Each POI creator, challenger and voter are anonymous with the assistance of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to achieve the global collaboration of location service in a more secure and aggressively open way. The brand-new, open, and decentralized map ecosystem could be attractive to the public due to crowd-realized map and decentralized technology.

We aim to build a map ecosystem based on geolocation data in our Titan app. It could be a platform to develop dApps to enrich and diversify Hyperion’s map ecosystem. The team strongly believe that the smart contracts that are based on Hyperion mapchain will reshape current industry and all brokers apps will die out with the development of blockchain technology and distributed data providers mechanism.

In the coming mechanism, there will be airdrop pool and consensus pool. We’re trying to bring the autonomy back to every participant in the ecosystem and reward them with incentives. A high-quality map service could be crowd-built.

Every progress of human society is accompanied by problems, questions, and challenges, but at the same time there are also opportunities. Whether “blockchain” will usher in its own outbreak and dividend period like the Internet, no one can predict; seize the moment and explore more, time and the market will give the best answer.



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