POI Gaming mechanism will be released soon

In July, the Hyperion team focused its work on the development of the POI game mechanism, encouraging users to produce high-quality POI through the form of reward + game, and using the ERC721 protocol to transform each high-quality POI into NFT, making it unique on the chain The NFT assets of the community, and the consensus of community users’ contributions are used as collateral guarantees for each POI, allowing other users to correct and screen high-quality POIs by challenging POIs and playing fair games, so as to ensure the POIs on the Hyperion Ecological Map. Accuracy and authenticity.

We also…

New mechanism produces high-quality POI by gaming&rewarding

POI, Point of Information, is displayed on map, such as places of interest, government, companies, malls and restaurants.

POI is the core data of location-based services and is used in a wide range of scenarios in electronic maps, such as choosing a destination before navigation, checking the surrounding restaurants, etc. …

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger with tamper-resistance and catches the attention of financial institution and investors. In blockchain 1.0, Bitcoin leads the popularity and in blockchain 2.0, the combination of cryptocurrency and smart contract has great impact on traditional finance.

In blockchain 3.0, the impact is beyond finance but all industries, providing decentralized solutions to them.

Didi chuxing, a ride-hailing app, was cracked down in China for its privacy issues, which raised the attention of the public about their privacy when they enjoyed the convenience that tech giants brought.

Blockchain provides decentralized solutions to LBS apps to ensure data…

China’s regulators asked the APP stores to remove ride-hailing app, Didi chuxing on June 3rd. Didi halted new user registrations and the app will be removed for rectification in strict accordance with relevant rules. However, Chinese tech crackdown also hit Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Meituan with Baidu dropping around 4%, JD shedding roughly 3.5% and Alibaba slipping more than 2%.

The public is raising their attention on Data AQ with the Internet Era coming, but not all Chinese tech giants’ hands are clean. …

The year of 2021 witnesses the popularity of NFT and a buoyant NFT market. More and more crypto investors are diving into the market, which opportunities are laying out there.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is something that only exists in the digital world. It is based on a technology called blockchain, which is also used with digital currency systems known as cryptocurrency. NFTs can exist in the form of images, video, music and text. They are usually bought with cryptocurrency.

Inspired by the idea of NFT, Hyperion organically combines the POI contribution with NFT, adding extra value for…

Economic Model Restructuring

Having further market investigation done and some in-group discussion, Team Hyperion has unanimously agreed to a significant restructuring regarding Hyperion’s economic model. The major reform will reshape and continue to perfect the development ecosystem. The restructuring is expected to complete in August; prior to that, technical upgrades and data maintenance are done.

By tweaking the economic model, we believe it will bring in a growing number of crypto-enthusiasts and form a more robust ecosystem shortly.

Hyperion global ambassador program is now open

Hyperion Mainnet Upgrade and Support All Customized RPC Wallet

On the 9th of Apr, Hyperion technical team has updated the Atlas Mainnet. The updates of the Mainnet with redesigned compatibility for approbatory market wallet may enhance the cross-chain features shortly. With upgrades, users could transfer on-chain assets, HYN and RP .to all the custom network RPC wallet, e.g., MetaMask wallet. Please check the community hub for more details about the Atlas Mainnet address, Chain ID, and detailed instructions.

MDEX support users in HYN/RP liquidity Mining

Having spoken with MDEX, Hyperion users can now participate in MDEX for HYN/USDT and RP/UDST…

Hong Kong/ 09 APR 2021 — Hyperion and Globex Trading Limited are pleased to announce a partnership and reveal a tendency to dabble in operate a virtual asset trading platform in the Hong Kong crypto market. The partnership will extend the applicable markets and liquidity for Hyperion tokens and envisage an HK-based, secured and approved virtual asset trading platform.

Given the Hong Kong government has explicitly announced the consideration of extending the anti-money laundering / counter-terrorist financing requirements to include cryptocurrencies provider in the Financial Secretary’s 2020–2021 budget speech. …

The Hyperion team recently worked for a major overhaul of the Hynscan and brought the system to a new radical height. New features are out, and we are expecting to see several rollouts in the HynScan 2.0.

What is HynScan?

HynScan is a useful resource for all Titan Network users to keep eyes on transactions, check smart contracts, view statistics and generally stay on top of what’s happening in the Atlas Chain. …

Dear Community,

March is a prosperous month for our project. We’re thrilled to introduce RHEA, a secure, decentralized digital asset bridge allowing users to move assets from Atlas to HECO, of course, also from HECO back to Atlas. The function of Atlas-HECO Cross-Chain Asset Transaction has also been integrated.

Titan App now supports Atlas-HECO Cross-Chain Asset Transaction On MDEX

Titan App rolls out a major update, Version 4.0.56, on the 20th of March. The update brought the following:

- Addresses what was described as called liquidity stagnation. The introduction of the cross-chain bridge — RHEA, enable users to project ATLAS Assets (HYN/RP) to HECO or the other way around. …

Hyperion SG

Hyperion launches a blockchain-based open mapping architecture to decentralize mapping. Find out more ,please check our website www.hyn.space

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